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John Hale started “Overtones” in Peterborough way back in the early 1990’s where he soon became the leading expert in his field in that area.
He believed in therapists who have “the touch”, a natural and intuitive way of working with clients using massage and other soft tissue techniques. He was using Myofascial Release techniques before we even knew what they were! He’s 78 years old and still going strong working 3 clinics a week.
Luckily he passed this natural skill onto his daughter who worked under his umbrella for many years, before leaving Peterborough and starting her own satellite branch of Overtones in Weybridge , Surrey.

Nicola Reed is a highly skilled, experienced massage therapist with a love of the body and helping clients become as pain free and easy in their bodies as possible.
Her unique mix of advanced massage techniques and Myofascial release means that she can really get to the “nitty gritty” and work to find the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms working in an intuitive caring manner. It really can be a very powerful mix.

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She is accomplished in Remedial, Sports, pregnancy massage and Myofascial Release where she really works to find a lasting solution and quite often has success where other treatments have failed.

CORE Bodywork is the latest treatment to be added to her skill set and really can have profound affect on the body and mind.

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I suffered a serious ankle injury that required surgery and a long recovery period. Nicola supported this - she worked with me and my physio plan. Enabling better mobilisation and I believe a quicker recovery. I am now running up to 10k again and firmly believe without her support my recovery would have been much longer and not as well maintained - Lisa

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